Tubman’s 20/20 | MementoGram.Art

(Harriet Tubman’s $20 bill)


Technique: Intaglio and dry-point etching on 11 plates: steel, copper and acetate. Sugar lift, hard and soft ground. Edition of 4 printed on both sides of Zerkall Artrag 300 gr. + 4 print runs cut into small bills.
Dimensions: height 42 ½” x width 19 ¼” (108 cm x 49 cm)
Small bills cut from large print: 7 1/16” x 3 1/8” (18 cm x 8 cm)

The piece consists of a limited edition of 4 double-sided large format prints. The large format bill is accompanied by a “wad” of 36 small bills cut from the same print.

This is one version, my version, of the twenty-dollar bill honouring Mrs. Harriet Tubman. The design of the real bill was to be completed and unveiled to the public this year, 2020.

More about  the unreleased conceptual design of a new $20 note

My vision

Tubman as visionary. The 20/20 vision unfortunately still necessary today in 2020.
Scars upon scars – scarred skin, scarred earth, scarred society. The forest is a haven and an ally. Broken chains, snipped barbed wire, Northern stars, maps, bullets, teeth, tracks.
I used a blue ink for the night of the forest which I made with an indigo pigment grown in my village in France. The red was evident to scream out the words. When I pulled the print I could see the Union colors but this was not at all pre-meditated. The making of the entire piece was a visceral process for me and something that I felt I owed to her since my childhood.


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