Tikkun Olam, 2016 | MementoGram.Art

Open Access Law Firm

Little Rock, US, 2016

Created for the law office, this piece made of recycled cereal bags (HDPE) and Korean mulberry paper, or Hanji, that have been printed using intaglio (copper plate) and screen techniques. The collage of these, Japanese and found papers was achieved through sewing with silver and transparent threads on a Singer machine in Arkansas.


On-site installation

In the spirit of the kind of law services provided at Open Access Law, the work is named after an ancient rabbinic concept of Repairing the World, of seeking social justice. The large dimension scroll format, breaking with traditional framing methods, reinforces the underpinning concepts of the piece. The imagery evokes female figures of strength marching forward, barbed wire transformed from something limiting and hurtful to emboldened spirit banners hailing beauty and power, doorways as frameworks that provide structure for justice and law.

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